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20 Mar 2018

#KisahParalegal: Paralegal as a Primary Justice for Drug User in Criminal Justice System

Bogor, March 19th – Early morning at 2.00 AM, FA, a woman who use drugs was arrested in an apartment in Bogor by Satnarkoba Polresta Bogor. Without any evidence of drugs, Polresta Bogor immediately took FA for investigation.

FA directly contacted LBH Peka, a legal aid organization as a partner of Persaudaraan Korban Napza Bogor (Bogor Drug User Community), asking legal aid for this case. After discussing legal assistance strategy, Rosma Karlina as a female paralegal was appointed to handle the case.

Rosma went to Polresta Bogor to meet client and investigator. Knowing that client is in Methadone therapy as well as a person with HIV/Aids, Rosma immediately brought Methadone and ARV to fulfill FA’s health needs. FA health condition is worrisome for Rosma, as she afraid that FA’s health needs won’t be fulfilled in prison. Therefore, Rosma encouraged the investigator to bring FA home so she could continue her Methadone therapy.

After discussing with the investigator, the investigator agreed to send FA home due to health reason. “I am human, so I understand her (FA) condition,” said him. Finally, after making an agreement that paralegal is responsible for FA and make sure FA to continue her therapy, she was able to go home and continue her therapy.

Alfiana Qisthi, Legal Advocacy Officer of PKNI views the importance of community paralegal role as a primary justice. “In the criminalization regime towards drug users and the lack of a proper legal aid for drug users who trapped in the criminal justice system, paralegal role become so important and necessary to fight for drug user rights. Not only from the legal perspective, but community paralegals also could understand the condition and the special needs of their friends, both health and psychological, which often unseen.”

In this case, Alfiana also views that the Police have imposed diversion while handling the drug user case. “The Investigator, in this case, deserves a high appreciation that he as an investigator using his discretion to stop the case for FA’s health condition. If all the law enforcement officer in Indonesia understand and use their discretion while handling drug users’ cases, the handling of drug cases would be better,” she said.


Methadone is a strong synthetic Opiate such as heroin or morphine, but does not have a strong sedative effect. Methadone is usually provided on the Methadone Therapy Program (PTRM), a program that diverts heroin users to other safer drugs.

ARV or Antiretroviral is an anti-HIV medicine that can suppress the growth of HIV in the body